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Конкурс селфі

Конкурс селфі “English in my life”


Christmas miracle

I’m Sophia and this is my sister Ann. We like to study English. We are interested in traditions and customs of England. We wrote the letters to Santa Claus last year. Ann and I asked him for some presents. He has heard us! As we were good pupils during that year we got traditional English presents: lots of delicious chocolate from Cadbury foundation. It was like a miracle!

I can improve my English!

Hello! I’m Dima. I’m the eleventh former. They say: “If you never think of asking the question, you are not interested in having an answer.” I had invented the game and introduced it to my friends. It is called “The English language evenings.” The rules are: to name the word in Ukrainian and other person should translate it in English. You can use Google translator or other dictionaries and remember it. Finally your task is to revise all the new words. In this way I can improve my English, learn new words and spend my free time with my friends.

Dima Petruk, Form 11,  School 20          

Communication with friends

I like to communicate. One of the best ways to discuss some information is using the Internet. This World Wide Web helps us to find new friends from different countries. We can follow some news, discuss hobbies and celebrate holidays together. I have got a pen-friend from Bradford. To catch everything she says I should know English well. If you want to find new friends abroad, you should improve your English. 

Ivanna Batarchuk,  Form 8,  School 20

Hi! We are Julia and Ann. We are classmates. As far as we enjoy travelling very much, we decided to find some unusual places with antic things in our native town. Travelling by bus on our days off, we got hungry and decided to have a bite. We have found an old interesting thing. How do you think, what is it? Interesting?.. Great! It was English petrol filling device.

Let’s go around the town and try to find things, which are connected with Great Britain. It will be so interesting!

Anna Shepeta & Julia Biserova,  Form 8,  School 20


I can't imagine my life without travelling. Travelling is impossible without English and other foreign languages. Here I am. It's one of the well-known road sign. It shows the turns to Lutsk, Rivne, Ostroh, Kyiv and Zhytomyr. If you don't know English you can lose.

Ivanna Batarchuk,  Form 8,  School 20


Відповідно до плану роботи управління освіти, упродовж лютого-травня 2016 року учні Рівненської ЗОШ №20 взяли участь у конкурсі селфі “English in my life”.

Перемогу вибороли:

Міськова Божена, учениця 8 класу (ІІ місце);

Шепета Анна, учениця 8 класу (ІІ місце);

Біссерова Юліана, учениця 8 класу (ІІ місце).

Учителі: Гречковська Н.Б., Ільків В.В.

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5 урок 12.40 - 13.25

6 урок 13.40 - 14.25

7 урок 14.40 - 15.25

8 урок 15.35 - 16.20

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